Music Educational Programs for Schools and Libraries

The Continental Entertainment Group not only represents and manages some of the best recording and performing artists, we also work to promote the public's awareness and knowledge of the music industry, and Traditional Pop Standards and music of the Great American Songbook in particular. We are now pleased to offer three separate educational programs that take music lovers and the public in general inside the recording industry in a way few ever get to experience.

The first is geared for teens and young adults, or even music lovers of any age, and takes the audience inside the process of making a major album with a full orchestra. The second is a more personal program that appeals especially to older adults with the inspiring story of a surprise artist and a theme that it is never too late to follow your dreams. The third is a more serious and very in-depth lecture on the music and recording industries in today's ever changing world. Where they've been, how they are changing, and what the future holds.

These programs are done classroom style and are Power Point based with embedded videos, pictures and interactive media. They are fun, informative, and designed to involve the audiences with questions and answers. These programs are unique and unlike anything you find anywhere else!

Program 1 - (Teens/Young Adults/Music Lovers) - The Making of An Album

This fun-filled and highly informative lecture takes the viewers someplace very, very few ever get to see; inside a multimillion-dollar recording studio and leads them through the entire process of creating a major album using a real, full orchestra backing a new star on the rise.

It begins with an explanation of the early concept and planning meetings with the star, her management and backers, and the producer and arranger, then on to the writing and initial production meetings, from there into the actual studios and recording booths, and finally through the post production marketing and distribution programs. Throughout this Power Point based presentation there are numerous videos not only showing parts of the recording sessions, but also insightful interviews with the star, the producer, chief recording engineer, the conductor, and others involved in the project. The audience will also get to see professional musicians playing the same instruments many of them play in school or community bands, the equipment and tools the engineers and technicians use, and even a glimpse of the same recording booth and $25,000 ribbon microphone once used by Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey, and even Michael Jackson. Studios that are normally behind locked doors and high security are now open for all to see!

These lectures are also designed for plenty of interaction with the audience and questions are welcomed throughout and after the presentation. It is our goal to not only educate young viewers and music buffs on the process, but to also inspire them in their own musical interests and talents, and to help expose many to music of the Great American Songbook that they may not otherwise hear very often. This program was put together from the "Hotel LaFayette" recording project and features extremely modern, bold, bright and powerful orchestrations that earned it worldwide acclaim and carried it into the Grammys in five major categories. There is nothing here that will bore younger viewers as these are not your Grandfather's Standards!

Program 2 - (Mature Adults) - Never Give Up Your Dream - The Denise Brigham Story

While based on the same recording project described above, this program is much more about how it came about and how a lady that had dreamed of becoming a recording star as a child finally got to live it four decades later. It is very much the inspiring story of how you should never quit trying and give up your dreams, and that you are never too old to try.

From her earliest remembrances the only thing Denise wanted to do was sing, but she was discouraged at home and teased unmercifully in school. She grew up with no self confidence and thought she had no talent. While she never stopped dreaming, she never told anyone of her secret desire either. She got married, raised a family, and worked as a secretary all the time concealing her wishes. Then through a series of chance circumstances, a little luck, and some very hard work, Denise went from singing in karaoke bars to becoming a major new star in the world of American Pops Standards music in just 8 short years. As an adolescent she sang to herself in the mirror pretending a salt shaker was her microphone. Today her music is heard on radio stations across the U.S. and worldwide, and she is now a Grammy recording artist who performs in concerts with Pops symphonies.

This program is her remarkable story! Through the Power Point presentation audiences get to hear parts of the story in her own words, go with her into the recording studios and watch the process along with interviews with her producer and marketing team, and then see clips of one of her concert performances. Beyond the story of the making of an album, this is actually the story about the creation of a new star and and realizing ones dreams!

Program 3 - (Musicians & Serious Students) - Today's Music Business and the Future

This is a program with a much more serious tone as it looks at the music and recording industries as they exist today and how they are changing and adapting to tomorrow's new technologies, distribution and marketing practices. It is really designed to help nonprofessional musicians and music students get a much deeper understanding of how the industries work, interact with each other, and where they are all headed.

The biggest challenges most aspiring artists face is not with their performances, but rather with understanding the "business" side of the industry and how to deal with it. In this Power Point seminar we will take them through:

  • Creating and recording music in the digital age
  • How the Internet is effecting distribution and revenue generation
  • Effective marketing and public relations in today's world
  • What the future industry business model is and how to prepare for it
  • Setting realistic goals for the digital age

While this is a loosely structured lecture it is also designed very much for questions and answers so that attendees can get the specific information they need. The music industry is evolving rapidly, and it is not the same today as it was two years ago, and won't be the same two years from now. There are mountains of misinformation on how to deal with these changes and this program deals with those and the new reality from an insider's professional perspective.

Three Programs For Music Lovers of All Kinds!

These programs are ideal for public and private schools, libraries, park districts, senior centers, churches, and all kinds of community organizations! Anywhere people who love music or a good story gather, we have a program that will entertain and educate them like none other. For further information contact us as below regarding availability.


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