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Radio and Media Distribution Services

Submission Rules and Procedures

Here are the detailed requirements for submission:

All songs/albums must be approved before they can be submitted for pool distribution. Artists/agents/labels requesting pool distribution should send a copy of the actual physical CD/Album that they would like distributed along with the submission form and any promotional material to the address listed on the form. Once a submission is reviewed you will be notified whether or not it has been accepted. Please note that with the number of submissions we receive this may take some time. Material will be screened to see that it meets the following requirements.

Submission Requirements For All Packages:

  1. All submissions must be accompanied by the appropriate format submission form from the column on the left and it must be completely filled out. (Formats in yellow are under development)
  2. All distribution submissions must be reviewed and pre-approved by us.
  3. Music submitted must be appropriate for the format requested.
  4. Music production quality must be of a professional quality and fit for radio airplay..
  5. All albums/singles must have a valid UPC bar-code. If your retail release is digital only we will need the code listed on the submission form.
  6. All tracks must be available for the public to purchase through retailers (this can be physical retailers or digital, or both. Eg. CD Baby,, itunes, etc.)
  7. Artists/Labels must own the rights (both composition and performance) or have permission to use both. Cover songs may require HFA licensing proof. (Don't even think of sending something sung to a karaoke track!)

Album Submissions:

  1. Album submissions must be in the form of physical CD's
  2. Professionally manufactured CD's must have liner notes listing musician credits and must have tray inserts listing the track number and song title. If you are burning a CD of music that is only distributed digitally please include that information on the back of the submission form.
  3. CD's that are not professionally manufactured must either be labeled with a permanent marker or have high adhesive disc labels that WILL NOT peel off and be marked that it is representing a digital only release.

Single Track Submissions:

  1. Tracks being submitted for inclusion in our sampler demos may be sent on physical CD's or as digital MP3's by email. Do not send us a link for a download site.
  2. Digital submissions must still have all of the required information above in the body of the email.
  3. Digital submissions should be sent to the following email address:

Digital Submission Link

Strong Advice For Submissions and a Few Tricks:

  1. While it is not a requirement it is strongly suggested CD's be professionally replicated, Professionally duplicated CD's are usually acceptable but not guaranteed to be used by all stations. While not recommended, if you are burning your own copies we STRONGLY suggest using True Silver raw discs to ensure the widest possible compatibility with station players.
  2. Album and CD appearance should have good artwork and look professional. A CD with handwritten notes and the name written with a magic marker on the disc will very likely become a Frisbee for the program director's Chihuahua.
  3. DO NOT CONTACT THE RADIO STATIONS' PROGRAM DIRECTORS UNLESS THEY SAY IT IS OK!!! This is a music pool service, not a radio promotion program. Radio station music and program directors barely have enough time to listen to new music, let alone take dozens of phone calls a day from artists pitching their songs. Most program directors have strict call days and times, and even then they will usually only accept known radio promoters to keep the time to a minimum. Don't annoy them with unsolicited calls or they will likely remember you for all of the WRONG reasons!
  4. You may include a one-sheet about your album or track, and in fact we encourage it, but it must be a single sheet only. We will need a copy for each station. If you want us to make copies of a master there will be an additional charge.

How It Works

Once your submission(s) has been approved we will instruct you to send us a box of your CD's (if in the album promotion package) along with a check or receipt of electronic payment or funds transfer. We also accept all major credit cards. The number of CD's to send will depend on how many radio stations/program hosts and media members have signed up for our service, plus a reserve number we will store for distribution to future new subscribers. When ever a shipment to a station is made you will be sent by email a list with its call letters and location and number of CD's sent so that you will have a record of where your music has been submitted. In many cases it will be just a single CD per station, however some will require more. Community and college stations for instance may need a separate CD for each on-air host as each does their own programming, and that can be a dozen or more per station.

(Please note: we cannot give out station contact information unless authorized in order to respect the privacy of the program directors and hosts.)


We will guarantee you that your music will be submitted to radio stations, program directors, show hosts and media members that have signed up for this service and want to hear new releases. There is NO guarantee that your music will be played on a given show or written about by media people. Each chooses music to play or report on according to their tastes, station format and market requirements. Our pool service is simply a way of getting your music to them to be auditioned in a very affordable yet effective method. Radio professionals who subscribe to our service know that we send out only prescreened material that fits their needs so they are much more likely to seriously consider our submissions to them, but again the final choice of what goes on air or is reviewed is up to them!


We charge a flat fee per number of stations in the various services. Please see the Packages page for a list and the cost for each.

Any questions please feel free to contact us.

Phone: 630.567.0567