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When your album was officially released doesn't matter. If a station never got it before it will be new to them!


Radio and Media Distribution Services

Distribution FAQ's

Why do you use physical CD's. Won't stations accept MP3's?

NO! The vast majority of program directors want the music on CD and for a number of very good reasons. First it is a quick and easy way to see how legitimate a release is. Secondly but just as important the CD liner notes and covers give valuable information about the artist, band members, recording facilities, and often track information. The only stations preferring digital submissions are the very high-end network owned affiliates and their music all goes through a very sepcialized (and expensive) DMDS system. A few individual program hosts at college or community stations may accept MP3's, but not many.

What is the difference between your service and a radio promotion program?

Our service is a modified music pool whereby we group your album with a handful of others and mail them all at once to the subscribers.

What can we expect to get from airplay?

That's a difficult question to answer as the results can vary widely. A station's market, power, audience size, timing and rotation all factor in to how much exposure you will get. A small rural college program that plays a specific song only a couple of times a month is obviously not going to generate the listens that a top Arbitron rated station in a large market will. The results in terms of exposure and hopefully sales will really depend on which stations pick up your music.

How often will a station play my music?

Plays (or rotation) will vary considerably from station to station, and sometimes even show to show on a single station. In the CHR and Pop radio formats, and to a large degree A/C too the rotations are high with the same songs played over and over a number of times per day. At the opposite extreme many of the Jazz and College format stations have very low rotations that often mean only a couple of plays a week or worse. We know of one Smooth Jazz PD who believes a song should only be played once every three months! We don't agree, but that's his style. In the end there is no set standard for number of plays other than the program director's choice.

How long before a station adds my music?

There is no standard wait time. Some program directors will listen to a new song and add it very quickly, others may take considerably longer. Much of that depends on their internal systems and library. Some PD's only update their computerized playlists monthly or even longer, while others do it weekly. Just depends on the individual.

How will I know if my music has been added by a station?

With a pool service such as this you won't be notified by a station whether they have added your music or not. It is not the program director's job to tell musicians if he is using their music. That is the job of a radio promoter or tracking service, but those get very expensive. With a basic pool service like ours you will either have to listen to a station if possible, look for your name on the charts (if any), or trust to your music's fabulous quality. You could call the station and ask, but program directors do NOT like getting a lot of calls from artists asking about their music and tend to do very nasty things to those CD's.

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