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When your album was officially released doesn't matter. If a station never got it before it will be new to them!

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Radio and Media Distribution Services

The Easiest and Cheapest Way To Get Real Radio Airplay!

Every artist wants the recognition and exposure that Broadcast radio airplay provides, but getting music on the air is extremely difficult and requires expensive representation in most cases. It wouldn't surprise anyone to know that reaching program directors and getting them to audition and then play a new song is a daunting task at best. There are thousands of broadcast stations all across the U.S. alone and now an increasing number of internet stations as well. Conventional radio promotion campaigns using professional radio promoters can easlily cost thousands of dollars a month and with no guarantee of success.

Artists that try to do it themselves will quickly learn why it costs so much. Databases of these stations are very expensive to purchase and are often outdated before they even arrive as stations change formats and personnel regularly. Costs of mailing demos to stations will be several dollars each, and a large number that go unsolicited will simply be ignored or thown out by station staff. There is a huge amount of wasted demos in DIY campaigns, and the expense in materials and time can quickly add up to thousands of dollars as well.

There is a new low cost solution!

Continental Entertainment in association with our partner DBI has developed a music distribution service that is designed to help the independant artist get music to radio stations in a very cost effective manner. Our programs are a very simple yet effective pool service whereby we combine a small group of artists in a single shipment and send them under our name to stations and program directors that have signed up for this service. We have a close working relationship with these radio professionals and they know that we will screen the music and send them only what they are looking for. At the same time artists benefit by having their music sent only to programmers that are actively seeking new music and are willing to audition all the demos we send them. In short we help the stations by filtering the music and saving them time and we help the artists by getting their music to the stations with no waste and at an extremely low cost. That's the basics!

How it works

Here are the details. First almost all program directors still want music submitted on a CD with at most a one sheet for promotion. Very few will accept MP3 submissions, especially at commercial stations. Program directors at these stations often receive hundreds of new CD's every week and there is no way they have the time to listen to all of them. CD demos that are delivered from trusted promoters or our service will be auditioned for possible play. Unsolicited CD's from independent unknown artists are usually ignored or put on the bottom of the pile. It is simply a time problem for the managers that have to deal with all of them.

We work closely with these program directors to find out exactly what they want in new material and then enter their requirements in our databases. When artists submit music to us we screen each submission to ensure it meets certain minimum production, quality and distribution requirements, and if it is accepted we categorize it and match it to our station database. We can then tell the artist how many CD's to send us according to how many programmers are looking for their kind of music, We then group the artist's CD with a small number of others and send them directly to the program directors who have asked for that style of music. I guess you could say we're matchmakers!

Getting rejected is not necessarily a bad thing!

If a program director rejects your music you will never know. Trust me, they won't contact you! We will. When a CD does not meet the submission requirements we always tell the artist exactly what the problem is and how it can possibly be corrected. Sometimes it is something very simple, but if it is more complex we can usually refer you to a specialist that can help. The important thing is that we really want you get your music auditioned and appreciated so we are here to help artists put their best product forward. By using our screening process to catch potential problems we can make sure you give a good impression to the right people!

What does this service cost?

The best part is that this is not only highly effective in getting demos into the right hands, it is also very inexpensive. Because we can take advantage of bulk mailing rates we can almost always offer this service for less money that it would cost an artist to do his own mailings. Another advantage is that in some cases a single program director might cover several stations, or possibly even a network, so then the cost per station drops to pennies. As an example in one music format we work with a network program director who handles the music feed to 60 stations! In that particular format between the network and independent stations an artist can reach over 100 stations for under $150. That's CHEAP! Overall we charge a VERY, VERY low fee per CD sent,

How do you get involved?

It's easy. First go to the submission rules link below and follow the instructions. We will evaluate your music to make sure it fits the format requested, meets minimal production quality standards (as listed), and meets certain retail requirements. We do not review and evaluate songs for their musical quality, that is up to each subscriber to judge with their own taste. We are simply handling the "mechanical" qualifications. If your music meets the requirements we notify you and then we go to the next step depending on your package. Pretty simple. Once your music is shipped you will be notified as to the ship date, the names of stations/markets covered, and special follow up instructions. If a CD does not meet the requirements we will let you know what needs to be done to correct the problem(s). This is actually a good thing because this can save you not only money by not sending out something incorrect, but also potential embarrasment at the stations!

We are here to help musicians get their music out properly and we are happy to guide you through in any areas where you might need help. You will find we provide lots of tips and guidelines on how to prepare your music and handle it's promotion. We also have relationships with other companies that can provide services and products at discounted prices to make the job easier.

We're here for you! So let's get started!!!!

Click Here To Go To The Submission Rules Page

Phone: 630.567.0567


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