Radio & Media Distribution Services

Artist Services

Continental Entertainment offers a wide variety of services for individual artists and bands that range from simple promotional assistance to complete management.  Below are some of the things we can do to help talent reach it's potential.


  • Agency services for event/venue booking
  • Music distribution management
  • Record Label Representation Management
  • Full Artist Management


Full Concert Promotion
Concert and show design and production

Radio Promotion Services:

  • Radio Promotion Packages
  • Radio and Media Music Distribution
  • Radio airplay tracking and reporting
  • Music Pool Programs
  • Radio Liner Production

Marketing and Public Relations:

  • Marketing Plans and Services
  • Media Public Relations Campaigns
  • Web Marketing Programs and Management
  • Press Release and Media Kit design
  • Brochure/Handout design
  • Web site design

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At Continental Entertainment we understand how difficult and daunting making a career in the music industry can be, and also how expensive it can get.  We are here to help promote great new talent and are quite happy to work with artists and bands at pretty much any level.  For those on tight budgets or who have solid marketing knowledge and skills we have the distribution system needed to reach both the media and radio stations.  We can also assist in designing various campaigns for those who want to take the do-it-yourself approach.

For qualified artists and bands we have much more to offer.  Our extensive background in marketing can take that burden off of your shoulders.  We can design not only your literature and press kits, but also the entire marketing campaign.  Our association with radio program directors in stations all across the U.S. can be a great assistance in getting earned media airplay that can be so critical to success, and our independent radio promotion skills are exactly what is needed to assure that.  We are also experts at dealing with the media to get the publicity needed to establish name recognition, and we know how to put all of this together in very cost effective packages and campaigns.

For further information please contact us at the number below during normal business hours or send us an email and we'll get back to you very quickly.  We're not like lawyers, so there's no charge for consulting, and we will NEVER try to talk you into something that you can't afford or that wouldn't be right for your needs.  We've been through all of this from the artist's side so we understand.  We're here to help!

Phone: 630.567.0567


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