Smoky The War Dog” presented by Adrian Brigham

Smoky the War Dog

The amazing true story of a tiny 4 lb. Yorkshire Terrier that became one of the most decorated dogs in history for her service during WWII. Smoky was found by accident trapped in an abandoned foxhole in Papua New Guinea and went on to become the best mascot of the South Pacific, the world’s first official Therapy Dog of record, and a medal of honor recipient for her bravery in the Philippines. It is a story that warms the hearts of all who hear it!

“Born In A Trunk” presented by JoAleene Miranda

The famous “Bryant Showboat”

The story of life at a simpler time when there was no TV, internet, radio, or even roads! Life and entertainment revolved around the rivers and JoAleene’s grandfather was Billy Bryant, owner and proprietor of the famous Bryant Showboat. Her stories of the experiences of the entertainers and crowds are mesmerizing!